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Vacuna, medidas de salubridad en hoteles

At Opportunity we care about you and yours!

Virus Safety
Face mask

For us it is important to maintain the health of our clients and collaborators, so know our security measures against COVID-19

  • Antibacterial gel application.

  • Antibacterial gel dispensers at strategic points of the facilities.

  • Disinfect common and shared surfaces

  • Use face mask at all times

  • Special trash can for disposing of gloves and face masks, exposed in front of reception

  • Physical distancing involves maintaining a distance of at least one meter between guests and between guests and employees. Whenever possible.

  • The establishment will have physical barriers between employees and guests (for example, a glass at the reception desk).

  • Hand hygiene, washing hands thoroughly and frequently using soap and water, and applying gel after drying hands.

  • Emphasize hand hygiene after exchanging items (money, access card, credit or debit cards) with guests.

  • Use ozone machine in rooms and common areas.

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